Thursday, January 20, 2005

Flip Flop Extreme Extensions

Jon's Flip Flop Extreme theory started me thinking myself in circles, almost a month ago now. The whole theory hinges on the notion that you can only have one perspective at a time, hense having to switch back and forth. So naturally I started thinking about the possibilty of being/thinking more than one thing at a time. Thinking about thinking. Intense. But here's the deal: I don't know if one can really bring more than one clear, focussed thought to full conscious attention in one particular moment in time. So far I can't do this anyway. For example, I know that I live under many titles, lables, roles, etc. at a time, but when I really focus in on one of them, and let it encompass the full stage of my consciousness, the others fall to the margins.
So then that train of thought got me thinking about what a thought really was. This is where it starts getting prickly. When I think, it's like I almost hear the words in my head, like an inner dialogue. That, for me, is the essential experience of a thought, at least when I'm concentrating on it. I can only have one of these thought-word-sounds at a time - time being the infinitesimal pinprick of the present moment.
Next step in this gloriously convoluted thought train: What is it to be? It is our thoughts and feelings make us who we are. They are our conscious experience of life and existence. They are our experience of being. We are our thoughts. For example, when I think about who and what I am in terms of a particular one of my many roles, say as a daughter, I have a serious of word-thoughts related to this. I can't very well think about more than one of my aspects of existence in that very moment. Therefore, I can't really be more than one thing at a time.
Thinking about thinking is intense and dangerous to your sanity, but so wonderfully confusing and clarifying simultaneously.


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