Sunday, February 13, 2005

The baby's snot did me in!

Great gorping globs of honey dropping into my tea. The steaming liquid pleasure respite from my body's disgruntlement. Raspberry leaf.
My head has been stuffed too full of too much stuff. My nose is in a constant state of almost sneeze. My eyes are dry and stinging, if i'm lucky, maybe they'll just pop out of my head. Damn this cold.
The cotton in my head obstructs cohesion of thoughts.
So easily distracted, the stairway to heaven tickles my ears and woos my heart.
Think of my thought train when the NeoCitran arrives. Most excellent and zany thoughts arise in bubbles from nowhere and meander slowly through and away.
I should be reading, I should be sleeping. But I can't quite do either. Not enough brain power and concentration to read without wasting my time, and the whole night to sleep away again. Two nights in a row of 11 hours of sleep. And it just keeps getting worse. Chewing vitamin C for neon pee. And the hallway spun violently clockwise this morning, luckily the wall was there to catch me and decided to remain a solid. Later, I almost fell down, but luckily I was sitting down. Wonderful magic cold this is - who needs drugs?
The baby's snot did me in!