Monday, August 29, 2005

The End

The beginning of the end was a moment so clear. So reminiscent of the tiki days of old, from the summer past. Only so different, so unmistakably different, as the party that marked the departure of the pontiki king also marked the beginning of the end. Rung in by distant thundering fireworks, the finale of the fires in the sky, it was a moment so very clear, we agreed. The end of the summer, the end of an era of sorts.
And the time since then has gone flying by, so fast, in good ways and bad. Consumed by endless days of hot summer work, in the sun, on the water, laughing and grumbling. Relieved by cool evening breezes, sailing away, off the dock. On that jazzy boat of soul, oh how she saved our souls with the wind on our skin, diving into the ocean, washing the day away.
It went so fast, I was caught up and lost for a while there. Then I opened my eyes as I sat up on deck, the sweet sea's voice in my ears, and I looked around. Ocean pixies danced across the water, leaving a thousand sparkling rays of light in their path. Infinite trees covered mountains, stretching their arms to the sky in salute to the great blue wonder and the life giving sun. To top it all off, wind fairies had swept the clouds in soft arching lines, like paint on a canvas. It was so beautiful, so alive and so enchanted, I cried.
Now the end is here, marked by a farewell party, held for me this time. The feasting the drinking, the laughing. And what better way to end it but with a midnight cruise and a naked swim under the moon, in the false fluorescence, the bioluminescece, the nocteluca?
Cool water on hot skin, every movement highlighted by the enchanted lights of the ocean, indulging in the magic and the beauty.

The end of this prose feels so incomplete

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

His Words

Blissfully simple words, holding so much in so little, bringing me back to the place i want to be, to the centre, to the love, to the way.

Love your movement through life. Dance with it and smile.

Oh dear Poxin, so much love abounds in you, it oozes out of everything you do, the art you make and the words you speak.

Thank you.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

icon and love of my summer