Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Land Anenome

Monday, June 27, 2005

Transit Loops

He walked up to me and said, with the rhythm of a music man, "And I'm just driving along with two hands tied to the wheel and I've got my peddle to the metal and I can't let up and I can't let go, so away I go." Then he played me some tunes and he sang me some songs. He told me I was a goddess and he told me he would meet me in the next life. So I gave him some money and I got on the bus and I left him behind.
My experience of the encounter seemed straight out of Waking Life: a random stranger walks up to you and shares a piece of magic then disappears just as soon as they arrived.
As much as I'm sure he doesn't realize it, he really made an impact in my day. I told him to spend the money wisely (and it was more than just pocket change), and to take care of himself. And it wasn't just superficial advice, I really hope this for him.
So here's to you harmonica man!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Wild Summer Nights and Surreal Summer Days

Diving into the adventures of the moment, I've found myself in stange places over the past few days.
I've been in noisy bars mellow with beers. In flashy clubs with dancing horny drunk people in shiny clothes. Wandering quiet quaint streets with greens, jumping into greens, until the birds were chirping and it was suddenly dawn, laughing until our sides were aching and our bellies were scratched and our feet were dirty. (And that was all in one night.) Five ours later, we ate sushi for breakfast and sailed the day away, peaceful and tired in the hot june sun.
I've listened to electronic synthesized music in a white sound-proof room, drinking cafinated beer. Watched a soft core/murdering suspense from the late sixties. Swam in a pool under the stars and shared a shower at midnight.
I've dined fine food and sipped sweet wine, sharing freely of ourselves. Picked lavender and savoured the scent. Held hands and cuddled in the love of a friendship, rocked to sleep by the undulating ocean.
And the exhaustion of my body is incredibly worth it, but now I think I'm quite ready to fall asleep to the sound of soft summer rain.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I've been caught up in a whirlwind of flowing somethingness. A road trip to endless beaches and ceaselessly crashing waves in pristine nature. Watching in so closely with so much interest and concern on a rather tulmultous time of a friend's life. The blossoming friendship that is coming hand in hand. Rides on the back of a rumbling shiny bike, the sun in my eyes and the wind on my face. Decadent dinners and jazz clubs. The passing of my twenty-first and the departure of my sister for another city, so far away. Right down to the weather, so dramatic and sporatic; sweet hot sun intermittent with turbulent summer storms.
I have been so aware and immersed in the minute moments, the nonstop happenings, I think I lost the larger picture. Now I'm looking back on it and I must say, I feel a little overwhelmed. How did I get here? What am I doing? What do I do now?
This is certainly an amazing time in my life, a major pivotal point full of changes and excitment. And this is only the eye of the storm.
Now, with this new perspective, I batton down to enjoy the ride.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

A Mass Compilation of the '04 and '05 Tofino Trips-a Photo Documentation

the vistas






the titilating textures








the flora and fauna: dead and alive








the people






and last but not least, the transport, without which the trips would be impossible.