Friday, February 24, 2006


I hate ugg boots. Yes, I said it, and I want the whole world to know. They are ugly!. I wish people would wake up and see them for all that they really are: bulky, sloppy, shapeless bags of bad fashion for feet. Just look at them!


Brown and Beige was bad enough, but these new great spring colours really take it to another level. They look like bad toilet colours or easter eggs.

Now, I'm no fashion diva - I do not claim to be trendy or hip or stylish, and I don't read indoctinating fashion magazines. But perhaps this give me some clarity into the situation: Uggs are Ugly!

At UBC I have seen at least 3 pairs every day since it was cold enough. I see them slopping around all stretched out of any shape they might have once had, which was minimal to begin with. I see them with pants pulled over top of them, with just that bulbus toe poking out. I see them with pants cleverly tucked in, carefully arranged to look careless, showing off the full awful glory of the thing. I've even seen knockoff's which make me cringe and want to vomit.

An unbelieveable number of people have been duped by the fashion industry into thinking that these boots are something that they should spend their money on and wear as often as possible. For me, Ugg boots represent the ridiculousness of the whole fashion scene. I think the world will be a slightly better place when these things finally retire into the bad fashion archives.

One more reason to look forward to summer: it will be too hot for anyone to wear these god forsaken boots!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

So there. Take that.

Too much negativity. Drown it out with the archives of beauty once been. Oh how I anticipate the spring renewal.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006


i feel sad.
looking back at the wonderful places i have been, in my soul.
how happy.
how content.
how centered.
how in touch with the earthly-heavenly flows of life and energy and beauty and love.

now, how i find myself disconnected.
a dried out husk.

how did i get here? what went wrong?
it was all so gradual. you hardly notice.
you sense,
but you're just a little too busy, a little too tired to realign and
refind the path you know you love to dance.

and then you find yourself drained,

i feel too tired to get back to where i want to be.
there must be a scrap of energy left, some drop of the reserve that was once infinte, fed by innumerable sources. to save my soul.

i feel angry. for letting this happen. for the context that made this happen.

and out of the anger comes a determination for change. negative to be transformed for positive.

and i'm pissed off that i can't format this the way i want, for whatever reason. it will have to do as it is. too bad. piss.

Monday, February 06, 2006